Smashed eggs and banana bread

I recently came across this exercise as a way to break through creative resistance:

All you need to do, before you start your creative work for the day — your writing or painting or software designing — is to crack an egg! Just break it in a bowl, egg shells and all. Then, get up and go do your work.

The thought here is that breaking an egg for no good reason makes us feel squeamish and resistant — similar to the resistance we feel as we set out to write something, to shape something, to draw something. The physical act of cracking the egg helps break through the psychological resistance that holds us back.

And so I did. I cracked the egg with my bare hands and squished it and felt the shards of its shell dig into the palms of my hands. The sorry egg lay on the kitchen top as I went to write on my blog, an aside that my sister remarked was a style very different from my typical measured way of writing. More INFP than INFJ, she said.

I did this exercise again a day or so back. Only this time, I was still a little bit stuck as I wrote, too much in my controlled, left-brained state to be able to let go. And as I stared at the blank screen before me, I thought: Let me bake! And so I did, some banana bread with a little bit of rum, using the egg that I’d just smashed, carefully picking up all the pieces of shell. I guess creativity is like that. You can destroy something but then pick up the pieces and make something you never imagined you were going to make in the first place.

banana bread

Recipe: The Best Banana Bread Recipe (I also added a dash of white rum).

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Do check out Ritu’s original blog post “On being creative and cracking an egg.

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