Some Saturday inspiration for creatives


A beautiful poem by the wise Rumi to spark your creativity this Saturday:

To each is given

God never gave
His bigger beasts a sting
He gave it to the bee
With an invisible wing
And with the skill of storing
Sweetness in the hive
The silkworm spins its gossamer
In order to survive
However large, the elephant
Has no such subtle skill
God gives to each his powers
His wonders to fulfil.


Are you using your eye for beauty, your ear for melody, your feel for fabric, your love for nuance – YOUR subtle skill? To decorate your home, to stitch a quilt (or maybe someone’s broken heart), to fashion clay, to string a necklace, or to write a silly poem for your boo just to tell him “miss you one” so he can say “miss you too”?

Looking for some more creative inspiration? You may like:

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Enjoyed the post? Do stay around to explore!


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