Paying heed to the little voice inside us

instinctsWhy do we stop paying heed to our instincts? For me, one of the reasons is my distrust at times with the squishy world of feelings. How do I know my “instincts” are right, and my feelings are not just a figment of my imagination or passing feelings? And how also do I explain to people that I have a “hunch” about something? And so, over the years, I have nurtured my left-brained, analytical self to help me navigate in the world, to mixed results.

As I look back though, some of my biggest mistakes in recent years have a unifying thread: my inability to heed my instincts.

How do we learn to listen to our instincts? Here’s an excellent tool that I came across in the wonderful Danielle LaPorte’s, The Fire Starter Sessions.

My personal theory is that you get ample intuitive information about someone in the first, say, eight seconds of meeting them. If your antennae are honed, if you’ve made a practice of following your instincts, then you know in the first handshake; you know when someone shows up two minutes early or two minutes late; you know from the sound of their voice on the other end of the phone; you know from the tone of their email. Somewhere in your being, you just know. Like or dislike. Open or closed. Curious or careful. Eight seconds. Pay close attention. There is a Buddhist saying:

As in the beginning, so in the middle, so in the end.

And so now, when I meet someone new, I am trying to pay attention to my little voice, to listen to what she has to say.

What are some of the ways that you have used to become more aware of your instincts and to trust them?

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