Hi. I’mDSC_0319 Priyanka Kaushal. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little about me. I love reading, thinking, and helping. I’ve always “wanted” to write, but I wasn’t writing. So this blog is my stake in the ground, my voice, my promise to myself to pursue what I care about. I’m a learner by heart, happiest when I see new ideas take root in my mind, turn into new behaviors, and before I know it, a new me. I’m interested in people, in knowing what makes them tick, in helping them when I can. I love psychology, though I don’t have a formal education in it. But I’m self-taught and learning, and more importantly observing. I love children’s writing too, and am always delighted when I see concepts taught to children being taught to adults all over again, with a lot more nuance of course. It’s like we are always learning, forgetting, and re-learning the same thing. By day, I help marketers solve challenges they’re struggling with. I hope you will stick around and join me in this journey and hopefully, we will both come out wiser from it.

Cheers and see you soon.


P.S. All views are my own 🙂

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